2012 Rory Peck News Finalist: 2011 London Riots

For the second year running I have been short listed for the Rory Peck Trust news awards. In 2011 it was down to the footage shot over the first week of the Egyptian Uprising. This year it is for covering the August 2011 London Riots. The other two finalists in the news section are Roddy Hafiz for his stunning work in Cairo and Mani for his unbeleivable work in Homs, Syria.

On the year anniversary of the London riots ReportDigital got me to go back over the original footage and upload five previously unpublished video rushes from the Tottenham riots. Below is a list of the online library rushes.

Tottenham Riots 1Tottenham Riots 2Tottenham Riots 3Tottenham Riots 4Tottenham Riots 5

Tottenham Riots 6Tottenham Riots 7Tottenham Riots 8Tottenham Riots 9Tottenham Riots 10

Tottenham Riots 11 - Tottenham Riots 12Tottenham Riots 13Tottenham Riots 14Tottenham Riots 15

Previously Unpublished: Tottenham Riots 16Tottenham Riots 17Tottenham Riots 18

Tottenham Riots 19Tottenham Riots 20Tottenham Riots 21

Hackney Riots 1Hackney Riots 2 –  Hackney Riots 3Hackney Riots 4Hackney Riots 5

Sloane Square Looting AftermathCroydon Aftermath 1Croydon Aftermath 2

We are the Enfield Army - We are the Enfield Army: Interviews

Footage is available from reportdigital.co.uk

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


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