Previous Work

Aaron John and the Stalkers
Death Tonight

Associated Press Television News
UK Police Clash With EDL Protestors

Associated Press Horizons

Big Issue

Channel 4 News
Protestors Win £85K Damages From Met
Film Raises Police Brutality Questions
Denham: Far Right Wants To Provoke Conflict

Great Reporter
Black Gold: On The Coltan Trail
“Cannabis Gran” Speaks Out At London Rally

The Guardian
Police Target Environmental Protestors and Journalists
The Alternative Summit Will Go Ahead
G20: Growing Catalogue of Evidence Against Police
CIF: The Asylum System is Broken
CIF: Far Right Embraces Fatwa

ITV London Tonight

More 4 News
More4: Law and Disorder?
More4: Detention Claims
More4: Irish Gas Plant Under Fire

Morning Star

US Prepares to Bring Back Draft
Terrorism on Request
ECF Hits The Streets With a Riot of Colour

National Union of Journalists
Press Freedom: Collateral Damage

Open Democracy
Harriet’s Story: Ugandan Survivor, British Prisoner

Photo Forum
Know Your Rights
The UK Press Card – Past, Present and Future

Resistance Now

Socialist Worker
Pulling Out of Iraq is Prodi’s First Test

Sky News
Flag Burning Gang Storm Embassy
Seventeen Arrested At Right Wing Protest


Sunday Herald

The Times
Police Pay £85,000 to Arrested Protestors


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