>Shell hits record £14 billion profits

>On Thursday 31 Janaury 2008 Anglo-Dutch oil and gas corporation Shell released their annual profits, which broke all records for a second year running.

In Janaury 2007 profits hit £12.9 billion ($25bn), the largest recorded profit in British corporate history.

This year Shell recorded £13.9 billion ($27.56bn).

In November 2007 Current TV published my 10-minute documentary Policing The Pollution about the use of 200 police officers to protect the Shell Corrib Gas construction site from local protestors in County Mayo, Ireland.

The film also covered the pollution of the water supply, which was, and still is, being caused by the release of aluminium from the construction site.

My investigation was also aired on More4 News in June 2007, Irish Gas Plant Under Fire.

In April 2007 local farmer Willie Corduff, of the Rossport Five, received the Goldman Environmental Award for his endless campaign against Shell and the proposed on-land gas refinery.

Carrowmore Lake is the drinking water supply for 10,000 people in Erris, County Mayo, Ireland. In order to build the foundations of the gas refinery thousands of tons of peat was removed, exposing dangerous aluminium soil that contaminated the lake.

Local blacksmith John Monaghan alerted this journalist to the evidence, and has now spent over two years monitoring the water supply.

Police baton charge still (c) Richie O’Donnell 2006

Since the arrival of 200 Garda police officers to the area the local campaigners against Shell have suffered daily harassment and brutality that spiraled out of control on 10 November 2006 when police baton-charged the people, hospitalising four people and leaving countless others with arm, leg and head injuries.

One man, Ed Collins remains crippled to this day from his injuries.

Policing The Pollution is available on Reel News issue 12, along with the recent film After Sangatte.

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All stills (c) Jason N. Parkinson unless otherwise stated.

For footage and still availability contact the author.


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