>After Sangatte Hits Current TV

>December 2007 saw myself, photojournalist Guy Smallman and journalist Simon Assaf take a short trip to Calais in France, to report on the growing refugee crisis five years after the closure of the Red Cross Sangatte refugee camp.

After Sangatte, The 15-minute film that followed the disturbing scenes we found that cold and freezing pre-Christmas day has now been posted to Current TV.

Sangatte Refugee Camp (c) Guy Smallman 2008

The film premiere saw a packed audience at the London SOAS University attend, with Colourful Radio catching up beforehand, for an interview on the refugee crisis.

Homeless refugees on the Calais streets

After Sangatte is available on Reel News DVD, issue 12.

Please support Reel News to keep our independent journalism going.

All stills are taken from the film.

All stills and video footage (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2008, unless otherwise stated.

Please contact the AUTHOR for access to the extensive four-year video archive.



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