>County Mayo At War With Shell Over Corrib Project


Thursday 18 September: Ex head teacher and Shell To Sea activist Maura Harrington entered her tenth day of hunger strike this morning in County Mayo, Ireland.

She has stated she will remain on hunger strike until the pipe-laying vessel Solitaire leaves Irish waters. The Solitaire, the largest pipe-laying ship in the world, was hired by Shell for the controversial and much delayed Corrib Gas Project. Work was halted on the first day due to accidental damage.

On Monday night, 15 September, as the protests against the project reached a new level and Maura entered her ninth day on hunger strike, Shell reported a suspect device was left on the doorstep of the Shell E & P Ireland offices in Dublin.

Shell’s press release and subsequent reports immediately pointed the blame towards those opposed to the Corrib Gas Project. Residents and local campaigners denied they would resort to terrorism, stating their only device used was “the truth”.

My return to County Mayo, coincides with the submission of the film Policing The Pollution to the Rory Peck Trust Awards.

Policing The Pollution was also released on Reel News in January 2008.

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