>Reel News Tour: The End


The first UK Reel News tour ended at the Foundry, Old Street, London on Sunday night, 5 October 2008.

Below is some video shot on the night of poet Grassy Noel in a bout Global Meltdown Derby.


Noel’s psycho-performance-poetry stirred the crowd to extreme laughter, yet some four days later, as banks are rolled by the UK taxpayer- from £50 billion to £500 billion, plus the £50 billion a piece to Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley – bank shares drop over 40 percent, councils and police authorities lose – correction: £1 billion – in Iceland-based banks – the horse-race-rant seems truer now, more than ever. And tomorrow afternoon some “concerned citizens” have taken it upon themselves to “March On The City”.

I guess there couldn’t be a better time for Reel News.

From Brighton to Newcastle, to Glasgow, Nottingham and London – thanks to all who made us all so welcome.

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All material on this blog – stills, video and print is (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Please contact the AUTHOR for access to any material and the extensive four-year video archive.



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