>Film: Tamil

>All stills, video and print on this blog – is (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

The two-part film Tamil has been released on the Internet and Reel News this week, covering the six months of protest in London.

Tamil: Part Two

The Tamil people called on the US, UK, United Nations and the international community to intervene in the final surge of the Sri Lanka war and halt the mass killings of the innocent Tamil people caught in the middle of the brutal 40-year civil war with the Tamil Tigers.

From January to June 2009 the UK Tamil population headed into the streets of London for some of the largest and most powerful protests seen in many years. Over the months the protests massed from 125,000 to 250,000. Regular peaceful road blockades around the Houses of Parliament shut down major sections of London’s infrastructure.

Sri Lanka did eventually come under international scrutiny, after being accused of using chemical weapons and cluster bombs, bombing safety zones, hospitals and indiscriminately killing tens of thousands in the final six month assault against the Tamil Tiger rebels, who were listed on the international prescribed terrorist list.

Scene From Tamil: Part Two

During the making of this film another side of the story began to emerge from those who had seen first-hand the destruction of the Tamil people. Aid worker Tim Martin, recently returned from Sri Lanka, went on hunger strike for 21 days outside parliament, to highlight the atrocities he witnessed.

The ruling Sri Lankan government stood accused of genocide, concentration camps and using the tsunami aid money for weapons, as well as multimillion dollar deals in oil and gas exploration off the north-west coast of Tamil-controlled areas in Sri Lanka.

Scene From Tamil: Part Two

As the death toll rose by thousands every day, the police response increased against the peaceful road blockades. But it was not just the protestors who came under fire.

Scene From Tamil: Part Two – Peacestrike Campaigner Maria Gallastegui

The film also tackles the confusion by UK authorities over the national Tamil Eelam flag, which many protestors were arrested for displaying, including Peacestrike campaigner Maria Gallastegui, who was detained as a terror suspect on at least two occasions.

The flag is listed as a symbol of the Tamil Tigers, a prescribed terrorist organisation in the UK. But the real flag was white, not red, as is the national Tamil flag.

Scene From Tamil: Part Two

In the end, it seemed that very few did anything to halt the huge numbers of civilian casualties, and the world seemed to stand aside as the refugee camps of barbed wire, no food, no water and no medical aid went up.

But when the UK was caught selling weapons to Sri Lanka to the sum of £13.9 million and British Gas already owned the seismic survey information on one of the potential oil and gas blocks, it comes as no surprise that the UK government, bar a few individual politicians, failed to act on what will go down in history as one of the worst genocides of the 21st century.

All material on this blog – stills, video and print – is (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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7 responses to “>Film: Tamil

  1. >Thank you very much for your effort Jasonnparkinsorn. You are a human with good and open heart while the world is forcely closed their eyesand mouth to say against the Sri Lankan genocide. You will be blessed among the human eating mongsters in the world.Thank youPavalam

  2. >thank you for your sincere effort to bring the facts to the cruel world. You will be in the hearts of the Tamils for ever.Sith Tharmalingam.

  3. >Thank you so much for documenting the Thamil Struggle and the solidarity you shown with the Thamils living all around the world. As you said the western world care more about the unknown protest that happened in Iran (they showed the uploaded youtube video in TV) where as never bother to address the issue of people those who marched in their own road in front of their own eyes. Don't that spell what is moral value the west governments are carrying? If they don't care that is absolutely fine – the problem is they will hinder the freedom struggle ignore the human rights, genocide and claim that they care more about freedom and human rights that is something a sane human being can't tolerate. All the time UN kept quite, now IMF is rewarding $2.5 billion ($600 million more than what the Ceylon(srilanka) govt asked for). A reward for war crimes and atrocities against humanity. These are the very basic building blocks to create future monsters. Thanks again for sharing your feeling with poor helpless Thamils.

  4. >thank you so much for the documentary…I am at least happy that there is one more person that recognized the sufferings of the innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Genocide of Tamils still continues behind the barbed wires and all over Sri Lanka. Today the whole Tamil community is sadly remembering the "Black July 1983" where more than 3ooo Tamils were brutally killed and much more injured. Today in 2009, THE GENOCIDE OF TAMILS STILL CONTINUES…Where is justice and human rights?

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