>EDL & SIOE Fail at Harrow Mosque Protest

>Stills, video, print (c) 2009 Jason N. Parkinson. All Rights Reserved.

Friday 11 September 2009: Far right group the English Defense League (EDL) called a protest along with the Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) outside the new Harrow mosque, North West London, on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The protest did not happen. Several thousand people of all nationalities turned up to support the community and protect the mosque.

Masked protestors throw rocks at police lines

When the EDL and SIOE supporters did not arrive, some youths in the protest – who, according to local community leaders, were not from Harrow – turned their aggression on the police. And when the police failed to retaliate these same youths then turned on the press, attacking and smashing cameras, and throwing fireworks into groups of photographers.

The photograph above shows some of the main protagonists of the violence. It is interesting to note these few were fully masked in balaclavas, wearing anonymous black clothing and even had hands covered with gloves to avoid skin colour (or tattoos) being detected.

The press were targeted with bottles, rocks and fireworks

At least seven people were arrested, some carrying weapons ranging from bottles of bleach to a hammer and chisel.

Harrow community leaders said this behaviour by a small minority had played into the hands of the fascist movement and will undoubtedly be used as anti-muslim propaganda, which the EDL has already done on its web site.

The EDL still claim they are not racist, despite concrete video evidence confirming otherwise.

EDL spotter outside Harrow mosque

Another EDL tactic exposed on Friday is their ability to send in spotters, who mix with the crowds, take photographs on mobile phones and return to their groups to report back on the resistance against them.

The above photograph shows one spotter in front of the mosque. His EDL identity was confirmed when he was filmed and photographed on the EDL counter-protest to the Al-Kud march on Sunday 13 September.

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