>The Journalist Hustings

Thursday 8 October 2009: I learned a long time ago from great journalists like Al Giordano to avoid meetings at all costs. Stay in the bar and arrive five minutes before the end to gather the information you need to file. Of course my times with Al was in Mexico and Zapatista and La Otra Campaña meetings tend to last three days to a week.

So, not following that golden advice, last night I did attend the Journalist hustings meetings at Headland House, in order to look over the array of nominees for the union magazine editor position.

Photographer and all-round techy workaholic Jonathan Warren has done a much better job at covering this on his great blog, so I hand it over to Jono from here.

All material on this blog – stills, video and print – is (c) Jason N. Parkinson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Please contact the AUTHOR for access to any material and the extensive five-year video archive.



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