Death Threat For Journalist Covering Far Right Demos

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APTN Footage of Leeds EDL Protest and Rampage

Monday 02 November 2009: Upon returning from covering the English Defence League (EDL) protest in Leeds late Saturday night, I find a personal message in my inbox from a prominent English and Welsh division organiser. The email was entitled “Fatwa”.


Police baton EDL protestors as fighting breaks out

The email said: “A fatwa has been issued on you my communist friend. Enjoy any money you’ve made from EDL protests as if you are spotted again you will be fed up.”

It was signed “Simples”. Unfortunately the sender didn’t think to email it from a fake account, so it is known this person – a Cardiff supporter with three convictions of violence, including two years jail for stabbing two Manchester United fans – was prominent in the creation of the English and Welsh Defence Leagues.”


EDL protestors rampage through the streets of Leeds

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) moved fast this morning to publish a press release statement exposing the extremist tactics of the EDL, denouncing the intimidation and violence against the press, and has called on the police to take “tough and urgent action”.

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  1. >Fun fact: under the Communications Act 2003 it is an offence to use the internet to post messages of a “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character;” or to cause “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety”.

  2. >Reading the EDL's own reports of their "demos" carries clear echos of Comical Ali (remember him, from the Iraq war?). They depict a completely different picture from what everyone else has seen.In the EDL's own virtual reality, their own ranks are as tame as fluffy golden retrievers, calm and composed, friendly and a-political.But anyone, even the dimmest person to have witnessed their rallies, will tell you that's an absolute joke. Their racist and abusive chants are filmed and are easily available on youtube. Each time the EDL demonstrate there are nazi salutes. Not once, or twice, but each time. The percentage of shaven headed angry looking white males is anything between 80 and 99%. Just look at the pictures.Etc…etc…No matter how hard they try to look tame, a jackal never changes its habits.

  3. >I have recently joined the EDL because I sympathise with many of their statements.It is true, a large proportion of the active protesters would be your sterotypical skinheads. But this is because these people are more likely to be comfortable being seen and photographed on these protests.There are many members of the EDL who would be afraid to be seen due to fear of comebacks or being tarred as a racist.I would see myself as a left wing liberal in most circumstances. I smoke grass and have long hair (not the typical skinhead) but I feel the governments indesisiveness have given the EDL support from many "silent" sympathisers like myself.

  4. >The EDL are in Nottingham this weekend, and as a local resident, I would very much like to know the truth about the goals and beliefs of the EDL leadership and typical membership. Unfortunately, almost all of the information I can find on the EDL is so highly biased one way or the other, I have no way of knowing whether to support the demonstration or "chase them out of town".I agree that the growth in religious fundamentalism is worrying, not only Islam, but Christian as well. If the EDL are, as they claim, non-racist, then it is a huge shame that they have no credibility due to the violent minority mixed with lazy journalism.

  5. >More shite left wing nonsence. If you reported the truth instead of your communist inspired drivel people would not take umbrage with you. As for Marshy, as your previous contributor points out, I doubt he gives a fcuk.

  6. >After seeing the opposition to the EDL in the Market Square and St James Street, Nottingham on Saturday I am now giving the EDL my support.The Asian Youths and their simpleton Liberal supporters made me ashamed of what this Country is becoming.Had the EDL and Forest Fans been allowed to react by the Police they would have been hammered like the cowardly scum they obviously are

  7. >Why dont you get yourself down to one of the many Muslim demos where they call for the end to the freedoms you – if you were a journalist and not a leftwing propagandist – should be looking to be upheld. The Muslim demonstrators will also be calling for the death of imnocents, telling lies about our soldiers and seeking to impose a system of law that would see all the "gains" – read wanton Marxist destruction – the "progressives" have made, wiped out. All the while their mind-numbingly thick supporters on the left will be "liberally" supporting them. They will be supporting them for 2 reasons , the demonstrators are not white and they are demonstrating against the west .. therefore they must be right. Brillant.

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  9. >Horst Tappart said… Fun fact: under the Communications Act 2003 it is an offence to use the internet to post messages of a “grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character;” or to cause “annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety”.Further fun fact – a fatwa is NOT a death threat it is a "religious instruction" two minutes google would establish that and there is no actual threat in that email so what is the fuss? sounds like a baby grizzling to me

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