English Defence League – Stoke

Sky News Report: Seventeen Arrested At Right Wing Protest

Saturday 23 January 2010: The English Defence League (EDL) reappeared on the streets of England for the first time this year, this time in Stoke-on-Trent in the Midlands.

Within minutes of the march being led a few hundred metres under police escort to the designated protest rally point, EDL supporters surged towards the police lines blocking them from the Unite Against Fascism protest. The scene quickly deteriorated into heavy violence, as Sky News reported that night, which led to being the top Sky News UK story by Sunday.

So far seventeen people have arrested, six were charged with racial and public order offences and police continue to review CCTV footage.

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6 responses to “English Defence League – Stoke

  1. >Thanks for posting this, Jason. Good to see the truly proud Englishman like to hide his face when attacking their fellow countryman.

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