>English Defence League Dudley

tills, video, print (c) 2010 Jason N. Parkinson. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday 3 April 2010: About 3000 English Defence League (EDL) supporters descended on the town of Dudley to oppose the building of a new “mega-mosque”.

Clashes soon broke out when some EDL protestors took offence to being “caged in”. Containment fences were torn down and police lines breached. Hundreds of EDL protestors charged into Dudley town centre, in the direction of the Unite Against Fascism counter-protest.

12 people were arrested over the day and Dudley council has estimated the policing and clean-up costs at £150,000.

There were three reports of attacks on journalists, including one incident of a photographer being punched in the face. Another photographer recounted three separate incidents, including altercations with EDL stewards.

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(c) Jason N. Parkinson 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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3 responses to “>English Defence League Dudley

  1. >Jason, to be fair some of the journalists were violent themselves. EDL stewards were attacked. One was bottled. It wasn't a case of "violent EDL attacked journalists". Some of the press people are violent in their quest for photos that make them money.

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