>Video: FBU Strike Poplar London

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Jason N. Parkinson 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Video (c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

Video: FBU Strike Poplar London

Tomorrow sees the start of a 48-hour strike by London fire fighters caught up in an industrial dispute to force shift patterns changes and cause mass sackings. The strike is set to impact on the fire brigade’s busiest time of year, bonfire night.

Earlier in the week three fire fighters and one police officer were injured on picket lines, all being run down by striker breakers.

This film, recorded on Saturday 23 October at Poplar in East London, talks to Fire Fighter Steve White and FBU Borough Branch Secretary Christopher Boag on the Con-Dem cuts threats to the

London Fire Brigade.

Photogallery by Jess Hurd here.

(c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

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