Teaser Trailer: #JAN25

This is the teaser trailer for the work-in-progress documentary #JAN25. Using footage covering the first week of the uprising that has been nominated for the 2011 Rory Peck News Awards, with interviews from those caught in the violence on the streets and those caught trying to report the events – tense, shocking and often murderous moments unravel during those days of the Egyptian revolution.


Having traveled to Egypt twice so far, first in January as the uprising occurred, then in March as the Egyptian constitutional referendum was voted on and the first attacks on the Coptic Christian minority after the revolution were reported, a third trip is now planned to cover the events leading up to and after the general election.

It will be these final days that will determine the mood of the documentary and decide whether it will be a positive end to the Egyptian revolution for the people or will interim military government SCAF take full control of the country, or will Egypt become a hardline Islamic state, as Western interests fear?

In order to finish this documentary we are now seeking interest and funding. For further information please contact  Jason N. Parkinson.

Original video rushes and posts.

Day of Rage

Night of Rage

Battle of the Interior Ministry

The Battle of Cairo

Photo Gallery 1: Jess Hurd
Photo Gallery 2: Jess Hurd

The Reader: The Revolution Is Being Televised

LPB: Attacks on Media Workers in Egypt

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

Please contact Report Digital to access this material and the extensive six-year video archive.


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