Report Digital Week Ending 06/04/2012

This week’s Report Digital weekly covers the last two weeks due to workloads. The online video library is now up and running. Please contact John Harris to gain your username and password.

The 9 December 2010 Student Fees protest have been added to the library. On 26 March 2012 injured student protestor Alfie Meadows faced trial for violent Disorder at Kingston Crown Court. Meadows underwent emergency brain surgery after being struck no  the head with police baton during the 2010 protest.

In March London pollution was recorded hitting high levels and a smog cloud was visible across London.

In preparation for the Olympics, on 29 March 2012 the Met police started Operation Trafalgar in the West End, “the shop window of the whole of London”.

A large fire at Star Lane in East London damaged power cables and cut power supplies to nearly 90,000 people on 5 April. Staff at local businesses around the area were evacuated until the fire was brought under control.

More footage is available from at

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