Report Digital Week Ending 27/04/12

This week’s belated Report Digital covers most the month of library uploads and coverage.

As Climate Rush called the Spring Clean action outside DEFRA, that saw their security overstepping the mark on restricting filming in a public place, the 2008 storming of parliament went into the online archive.

More  2010 student protests also went into the online archive, this time the Student Siege of Millbank Tory Headquarters and the night scenes from December 9 on Whitehall.

More Egypt archive footage from the Battle of Cairo also went in.

Coverage this month covered the Leyton Marsh protest eviction, the DPAC Trafalgar Square blockade, Olympic Security Concerns and the Tottenham Court Road siege by far right BNP supporter.

More footage is available from

© Jason N. Parkinson/


One response to “Report Digital Week Ending 27/04/12

  1. old (overlooked) dale farm stories can be found on the police website;Essex first picked this up on the 5th April but nobody seems to have commented.It may vanish so I put the three items up on my Facebook page with links.
    B)letter to editor from Chief Constable….date not published…’Paper not named….
    C)Operation Cabinet report (pdf).
    The point -not to be missed -is A&B are in contradiction with massive operation described in C) !

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