Report Digital Week Ending 15/06/2012


Report Digital Review, Week Ending Friday 15 June 2012 – Library archive uploads and coverage.

06/04/2008 – Beijing Olympic Torch Relay Protests, London, UK

23/01/2010 – EDL Riot, Stoke, UK

07/08/2011 – Tottenham Riots, London, UK

15/06/2011 – General Strike, Athens, Greece

21/03/2012 – Budget Day, London, UK

10/04/2012 – Leyton Marsh Eviction, London, UK

03/05/2012 – Big 6 Energy Bash, London, UK

12/05/2012 – Occupy M12, London, UK

26/05/2012 – UK Uncut Nick Clegg Street Party, London, UK

27/05/2012 – Anti-GM Protest, Harpenden, UK

28/05/2012 – Chemical Factory Fire, London, UK

02/06/2012 – UK Uncut street party disrupted by EDL, Brighton, UK

More footage is available from

© Jason N. Parkinson/


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