November and December 2010 saw some of the largest ever student protests in London. They were protesting government proposals to triple university tuition fees. Tens of thousands took to the streets and were met by thousands of riot police. Report Digital has now uploaded all the 2010 student protest rushes to the online library.


Millbank 1Millbank 2

Day X

Storming WhitehallWhitehall Police VanWhitehall Clashes – Whitehall Kettle

Night ClashesNight Clashes 2Whitehall Riot HorsesNight Clashes 3

Day X2: Nov30

City March – Trafalgar ClashesTrafalgar Clashes 2

DayX3: Dec9

Aldwych ClashesParliament Fences – Parliament Fences 2 – Victoria Street –Victoria Street 2

Paint Bombs – Horse ChargeBatonsWhitehall 1 – Whitehall 2 – Whitehall 3

Footage is available from

© Jason N. Parkinson/


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