From The Archive: Ratcliffe Climate Swoop 2009


Original 2009 YouTube Rush: Climate Swoop Ratcliffe

On the day Reclaim The Power swooped on Balcombe, West Sussex, the site of the Cuadrilla fracking station, Report Digital has put online eight video rushes from the October 2009 “Climate Swoop” on Ratcliffe power station in Nottingham, made infamous by the exposing of undercover police officer Mark Kennedy.

Report Digital Video Rushes

Protestors March on Ratcliffe Power Station

Protestors Breach Ratcliffe Security Fences

Protestors Breach Security Fences at Ratcliffe

Police Wrestle Protestors on Ratcliffe Fences

Police Use Batons as Fence is Breached

Protestors Pull Down Fences

Police Wrestle Protestors and an Officer is Injured

Police Use Dogs on Protestors

Original Blog: The Great Climate Swoop

Footage is available from

© Jason N. Parkinson/


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