Unrest Rising

Guardian Video: London We Can’t Breathe Protest

The last quarter of 2014 has seen unrest rising yet again on the streets of London, from the hugely disproportionate police operation around the first Occupy Democracy protests, the largest ever Million Mask March and Student marches, to Ferguson and We Can’t Breathe solidarity protests and the mass arrest of 76 demonstrators.

On The Guardian

Million Mask March Protest

We Can’t Breathe Protest

On Report Digital

Occupy Democracy Protestors Gather

Occupy Democracy

Occupy Democracy Mass Policing

Battle of the Bunting

Occupy Democracy Protestors Removed

2014 London Million Mask March

London Free Education Clashes

Police Surveillance Tools on Free Education Protest

London to Ferguson Solidarity Protest

Marcia Rigg on Ferguson Solidarity Protest

Ferguson Protestors Tear Down The Fences

We Can’t Breathe Westfield Mall Protest

We Can’t Breathe Protestors Take The Streets

We Can’t Breathe Westfield Mall Invasion

We Can’t Breathe Police Clashes

We Can’t Breathe Arrests

Footage available from Report Digital.

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