53 Arrested at London Million Mask March

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

APTN Coverage: London Million Mask March

Riot police arrested 53 people during the annual Million Mask March in London, UK.

Some protestors hurled fireworks, bottles and cans, but most of the several thousand attending were peaceful. The demonstration was much smaller than in previous years.

Police enforced strict conditions on the protest, including a designated protest area, a ban on face coverings and a 9pm curfew. Some protestors defied the curfew.

Protest attendee Dan Watson from Blackpool said there was a crippling irony in people protesting against capitalism while wearing Adidas tops and drinking McDonald’s Mochas.

Police said 53 people were arrested for offences including obstruction, possession of an offensive weapon, public order and drugs.

Report Digital: Million Mask March Archive

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

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