Hands Off Iraqi Oil Protest

Hands Off Iraqi Oil protest tours the capital exposing the UK companies profiting from the Iraq war, London, UK. 23/02/2008.

On 12/12/2017 leaked documents identified corporate spy Toby Kendall working for C2i International attended the demonstration.

  1. SOUNDBITE: John Hilary, War On Want director (ENGLISH)

“These are corporate pirates. These are people who are plundering Iraq, because it’s been laid open for corporate plunder. People know about Halliburton, people know about Bechtel, but what we’re trying to say is actually a whole lot of British companies which are making money out of the misery of Iraq and it’s up to us, the people of Britain to stop them.”

2. SOUNDBITE: John Hilary, War On Want director (ENGLISH)

“We know that the private military sector, the private military companies in Britain have, they’ve earned five times what they were earning before as a result of the war in Iraq, billions and billions of dollars as a result of providing these military mercenary services in Iraq.”