Press Freedom: Collateral Damage

Video – Press Freedom: Collateral Damage

On Monday 9 September 2008 National Union of Journalists (NUJ) General Secretary Jeremy Dear delivered a slamming attack on the erosion of UK civil liberties and press freedom at the Brighton TUC conference. The BBC video of the speech is here (59 minutes in).

Today saw the Internet release of the film Press Freedom: “Collateral Damage”.

The film highlights the increasing issues around press freedom in the UK, that has seen photographers and other journalists harrassed, intimidated,assaulted and put under surveillance by the London Metropolitan Police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT Squad).

One of the fundamental rules of a free and democratic society is a free press. If the press is no longer free to operate and document, the country is no longer democratic or free.


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One response to “Press Freedom: Collateral Damage

  1. >I think it a good idea for everyone who goes to a demo to have a camera. The police won’t like it but they can’t take cameras off everyone. If everyone has one, it serves as a protection for demonstrators and press people alike. If in response it is made illegal to use a camera, it will only serve to wake more people up to what is happening – and that’s just what the police state don’t want.

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