Dancing On The Grave of Capitalism

31 October 2008, Halloween: Dancing On The Grave of Capitalism was supposed to be an event of partying and a light-hearted dig at the capitalist system. Instead it turned into a re-run of the March On The City, a wrestling match between anti-capitalist protestors and police, only this time it was colder, darker and with less people.

The interaction of the Metropolitan police units and the Canary Wharf private security seemed to kill the party atmosphere immediately, and the event, scheduled to last till “late”, was all over by 7pm.

Canary Wharf security also saw fit to obstruct, abuse human rights and even assault journalists trying to cover the event.

Other than that the only joy seemed to be various chants, which I failed to capture on film, but wished I had.

Chant 1

Protestors: “Whose streets? Our streets.”

City workers: “No they’re not. They’re our streets.”

Chant 2

Protestors: “The workers united will never be defeated.”

Police officer pushing them back: “Yes you will.”

The true fact of the matter is unfortunately, and in the context of what has arisen in the massing of public opposition to the £500 billion bailout, the police officer appears to be right – at the moment.

As the party, protest – call it what you want – capitalism is not dead. And there is no grave to dance on. Capitalism and all its dirty dealings and deeds just got unconditional bail. Bailed by us. The only hole in the ground is where the UK taxpayer’s money used to be.

Capitalism did not die on Black Friday, just as equally as the failing bailout banks did not get nationalised.

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