Under The Flight Path Crossroad

Film: Under The Flight Path Crossroad

Under The Flight Path Crossroad is a short film about the problem of avaition noise caused by being directly under the flight paths of Heathrow and City airports. The film can also be viewed on the Heathrow Campaign TV channel on YouTube.

Campaign group HACAN ClearSkies commissioned the film. They campaign to “preserve the quality of life for those living around Heathrow airport in the UK”. As my previous post on this exposed, planes cross Vauxhall – which is situated 16 miles from Heathrow – at an average of one every two minutes, with flights coming in daily as early as 4.30am, registering over 60 decibels.

Early flights into Heathrow like this are only supposed to be in “exceptional circumstances”, yet British Airways has a scheduled flight from Hong Kong passing over Vauxhall at this time every day.

No Place To Hide, the HACAN commissioned study by Bureau Veritas showed aviation noise was a London-wide problem and the use of Continuous Descent Approach (CDA), where flight paths into Heathrow were smooth, rather than the old “step-by-step” descent, was instigated the same time as increased noise pollution complaints were received in the area.

But as Heathrow is set to expand further with the third runway and a massive increase in flights to City airport, the situation of aviation noise over Vauxhall looks like it is going to get worse.

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