Unite Durham Conference: Fighting Talk

Unions Collective Bargaining and Employment Law – Part One
Unions Collective Bargaining and Employment Law – Part Two

From Thursday 8 July 2010, Durham’s Van Mildert college became the backdrop for the Unite North Eastern conference.

The highlight was Professor Keith Ewing’s talk on Unions Collective Bargaining and Employment Law.

Part One is a stark wake-up call to why Britain cannot currently follow the resistance path of other European countries like Greece to fight the IMF age of austerity, due to anti-trade union laws denying UK workers the right to collective bargaining.

Part Two lays down the foundations needed in order to fight the cuts, challenge and dismantle the anti-trade union laws and take back workers control of the Labour Party.

International Review: Europe, USA, Global

Unite International Director Simon Dubbins International Review looks back at the history of globalisation, where the crash started and how the austerity measures in each country look staggeringly familiar.

Other speeches over the two-day conference included Unite Director of Research Roger Jeary, Building Our Activist Base with Unite Political Officers Andrew Brady and Hannah Blythyn and Hope Not Hate speaker Paul Meszaros.

Saturday 10 July saw the 126th Durham Miners Gala where Unite Deputy General Secretary Len McClusky addressed the crowd.

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