>Europe Wide Anti-Austerity Protests: Cut This!

tills, video, print (c)
Jason N. Parkinson 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Video: Brussels ETUC Anti-Austerity Protest

The week building up to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, where Prime Minister David Cameron declared, “we’re all in this together”, protests and general strikes erupted across Europe.

In Brussels, Belgium, tens of thousands marched to oppose the austerity measures being imposed in the forms of public sector funding cuts, mass redundancies and pension cuts. The same day the nation of Spain was shut down in a general strike. Strikes in Greece continued all through the week, where protests and general strikes earlier in the year led to large scale rioting.

Sunday 3 October saw the opening of the Conservative Party Conference under the phrase, “Together In the National Interest” and a ring of steel descended on the ICC centre in Birmingham. Thousands of people marched in protest against the current cuts to the public sector, job and benefit losses, pension reductions and the second wave of cuts to be imposed this October.

(c) Jason N. Parkinson 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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