Bolton UAF Protest Policing In Question

Thursday 21 October 2010: Charges of threatening behaviour against 62-year-old anti-fascist protestor Alan Clough were dropped when footage filmed by Granada television, obtained by his defence, showed a police officer punching him in the face. An inquiry is now under way.
I had never released my footage of that day, until today, when looking back over the scenes of that cold and wet morning in Bolton, it seemed about time this footage saw the light of day.

In the video rush at 5.33 we see a riot officer supported by several other high-vis jacket-wearing officers dragging a man across the floor. That man would appear to be Alan Clough. The shot lasts for around 20 seconds before the all too familiar hand of the law obstructs the film camera lens.

While looking back over all the footage that day it struck me that perhaps it is not just the one incident that needs looking at but the entire policing of the UAF rally.

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