EDL Fail in Europe

Saturday 30 October 2010: A video rush of the events around the arrival of the English Defence League (EDL) in Amsterdam and their failed attempt to launch the European Freedom Inititiative.These shots include the arrival of Ajax football fans, who refused the EDL invite to join their protest on the grounds of being multicultural football fans with no space for racism or islamophobia and having a long list of vendettas against English football gangs. Instead they arrived to confront the EDL, only to be put back on trains by large sways of Dutch riot police.

There are also excerpts of the speech by EDL leader Tommy Robinson – aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon, aka Paul Ray – to an audience of some 20 far righters and around 100 members of the international press. And there are some parting shots of the EDL tour bus with smashed windows, a greeting given by locals in the vicinity of the designated protest area – an industrial estate on the most western point on Amsterdam.

Photogallery by Jess Hurd here.

(c) Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk

Report Digital

Please contact Report Digital or the AUTHOR for access to this material and the extensive five-year video archive.


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