PHNAT Flashmob City Hall

Tuesday 3 May 2011, World Press Freedom Day. Campaign group I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist(PHNAT) swooped on City Hall in London, notorious for private security restricting and even banning photography in the privately controlled public space.

Around 40 photographers turned up to highlight the problem of private security continually restricting press freedom along the Thames Walk and in other areas across the capital.

The report holds interviews with NUJ London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) Chair and PHNAT Co-Founder Jess Hurd, a few choice words from journalist/filmmaker Leah Delfin Borromeo and “A Letter to Boris” from LPB committee member and PHNAT organiser Grant Smith.

© Jason N. Parkinson/

Please contact Report Digital to access this material and the extensive six-year video archive.


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