Dale Farm: Living Through The Eviction


Shot between Thursday 15 to Monday 19 September, these scenes of life on Dale Farm document the days leading up to the planned eviction.

Chalets are emptied of belongings, separated into two parts and removed from the Irish travellers site to be sold on, as they are considered too large to continually move around. With no place to go the owners sell up to invest in smaller, more mobile homes. Smaller caravans are also moved off the site and put temporarily in empty plots on the legal side of the site to protect them from damage by  bailiffs.

Barricades spring up as protection to each street on Dale Farm. Police helicopters patrol overhead. Travellers and activists man the main gate barricade and await the outcome of the last minute court hearing, which puts a suspension on the eviction.

Basildon Council Concreted Over Dale Farm

1920X1080 25fps footage © Jason N. Parkinson


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