Dale Farm: Eviction

Channel 4 News: Dale Farm Eviction

Wednesday 19 October 2011. At 6.56am hundreds of riot police stormed the barricaded Dale Farm Irish traveller site in Basildon, Essex. For the first time taser weapons were discharged during a public order incident. Two protestors were shot during the eviction.


Jess Hurd Dale Farm Photogallery

Guardian: Dale Farm eviction – police fire tasers at protestors

Channel 4 News: Dale Farm Clashes as site cleared

Dale Farm: Eviction Looming

Dale Farm: Living Through The Eviction

Basildon Council Concreted Over Dale Farm

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


4 responses to “Dale Farm: Eviction

  1. Actually, I thought the police did a brilliant job. The protesters were throwing rocks, & ladders. I didn’t see any police retaliating with the exception of reasonable force. – Maybe not what the pro-protester contingent may want to hear, but there you go.

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