The Battle of Mohamed Mahmoud

Guardian Video: Egyptian Military Defector

Two video rushes from the recent unrest in Cairo as the country began the long and much contested road into the national elections. The first film was shot at night and the police cut the power to Mohamed Mahmoud street. This led to some complicated and dangerous filming, overcoming pitch black sections of the street, a hail of unknown gas and live rounds fired from an unseen enemy less than fifty metres away.

The second rush follows protestors as they battle with police on Mohamed Mahmoud street for the fifth day on 23 November, eventually pushing the police back to the Interior Ministry and a ceasefire being put in place. That cease fire lasted about two hours.

Jess Hurd Photo Galleries

Uprising Against The Military

Martyrs Day

Original video rushes and posts from the #Jan25 uprising.

Day of Rage

Night of Rage

Battle of the Interior Ministry

The Battle of Cairo

Photo Gallery 1: Jess Hurd
Photo Gallery 2: Jess Hurd

The Reader: The Revolution Is Being Televised

LPB: Attacks on Media Workers in Egypt

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