20 Arrests at EDL Birmingham Protest


An EDL supporter suffering a head injury is removed by police medics.

20 people were arrested on Saturday 20 July as the English Defence League (EDL) in Birmingham deteriorated into violence the moment supporters left a pub and marched up to the designated protest point.

Police officers were pelted with cans, bottles, brick and stones by the 2000 strong crowd of protestors, in some of the worst violence seen since the 2010 Bradford protest. One woman was charged with violent disorder and two men were charged with possessing offensive weapons.

Ruptly: Bloody Clashes Erupt At Far Right March

Ruptly: Violence as EDL and Police Brawl in Streets

Ruptly: Children Weep, protestors collapse, police persist at EDL march

EDL Birmingham 8 August 2009

Jess Hurd Photos: EDL Clashes in Birmingham

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


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