A Crisis of Weather


Report Digital Video: East Lyng Village Latest Victim of Floods


Since October 2013 the UK has been facing a crisis of extreme weather. Violent hurricane strength storms have battered the South West coast of England and Wales and floods have spread cross Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire, leaving a death toll in double figures and thousands of homes, farms and businesses destroyed. In December a storm surge devastated large areas of the East Coast of England.

For the last week I have been in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to cover the floods and the latest round of storms to come in on the Gulf Stream ‘conveyor belt’.

AP Footage

Cornwall Coast Battered by Latest UK Storm

Latest Storm Leaves Somerset Village Flooded

Report Digital Footage

Cornwall Battered by Hurricane Strength Storm

Plymouth Lighthouse and Coast Battered by Storm

Rail Workers Pump Water Out of Flooded East Lyng Track

East Lyng Village Latest Victim of Floods

Muchelney Village Cut Off For Six Weeks

Latest Storm Hits Somerset Levels

Three Million Tonnes of Water Per Hour

HD footage available from Report Digital.

Ruptly Footage

Floods force desperate defence of homes at East Lyng

Broken sewage systems as floods swamp South England

Somerset submerged by floods

Homeowners face more flood misery as waters rise

Latest Storm & 100mph Winds Hit Somerset Levels

Millions of tonnes of water pumped out of Somerset

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


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