The Last Shout

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of women in the fire service.

One of that first generation of women to enter London fire Brigade, when only five other women were employed, was Sian Griffiths.

She blazed a trail for women, was awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service and she was the inspiration for the female character in TV drama London’s Burning.

30 years on women still only make up seven percent of the force. This anniversary also marks the end of Sian’s career as a firefighter, a career that just two years in took her into one of the worst disasters in London, the Kings Cross Station Fire.

The Last Shout by Jess Hurd and myself follows Sian on her final week at Paddington Fire Station, where she talks about tacking blazes, bullying, sexism and racism.

Special thanks to the TUC and the 2K shares via Stronger Unions.

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