Yarl’s Wood: Shut It Down!

Protestors Tear Down Yarls Wood Fences
Guardian Video: Shut down Yarl’s Wood: Protesters Rally Against Detention Centre

Saturday 6 June: 500 protestors gathered outside Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bedford, to call for the closure of the Serco-run facility and all other detention centres.

Following a march around the IDC perimeter protestors tore down the outer fences surrounding Yarl’s Wood and hammered on the inner fence.

A recent Channel 4 investigation revealed allegedly racist and aggressive attitudes of some Yarl’s Wood staff.

Guardian Video: Shut Down Yarl’s Wood

Jess Hurd Photos: Yarl’s Wood – Shut It Down

Buzzfeed: Campaigners Tore Down The Fences of Yarl’s Wood

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