Yarl’s Wood: Shut It Down!

Protestors Tear Down Yarls Wood Fences

Guardian Video: Shut down Yarl’s Wood: Protesters Rally Against Detention Centre

Saturday 6 June: 500 protestors gathered outside Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) in Bedford, to call for the closure of the Serco-run facility and all other detention centres.

Following a march around the IDC perimeter protestors tore down the outer fences surrounding Yarl’s Wood and hammered on the inner fence.

A recent Channel 4 investigation revealed allegedly racist and aggressive attitudes of some Yarl’s Wood staff.

Guardian Video: Shut Down Yarl’s Wood

Jess Hurd Photos: Yarl’s Wood – Shut It Down

Buzzfeed: Campaigners Tore Down The Fences of Yarl’s Wood

Report Digital

Protestors Tear Down The Fences

Protestors Call To Shut Down Yarl’s Wood

Protestors March Around Yarl’s Wood

Protestors March Around Yarl’s Wood 2

Yarl’s Wood Detainees Call For Freedom

Interview With Yarl’s Wood Protestors

HD footage available from Report Digital.

© Jason N. Parkinson/reportdigital.co.uk


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