Calais Refugee Crisis

Today the French authorities have said the southern half of the refugee camp in Calais known as the Jungle will be cleared within days. The eviction began on 29 February 2016.

In the week leading up to and the first week of the eviction I documented the unfolding scenes.

This blog lists the video packages for Associated Press, the embeds of the Report Digital material and the Sunday Herald eyewitness report.

Associated Press

21: 02/2016: Actor Jude Law Visits Jungle Refugee Camp

22/02/2106: Iranian Family Fears Over Eviction

23/02/2016: Judge Visits Jungle Refugee Camp

24/02/2016: Dunkirk Refugee Camp Conditions

25/02/2016: Dunkirk Refugees Moved to New MSF Camp 

27/02/2016: Fire Concerns: Hummingbird Project Interviews

28/02/2016: Lieu de Vie: Care4Calais Clare Moseley Interview

29/02/2016: Riot Police Enter Camp as Eviction Begins

29/02/2016: Tear Gas Fires and Clashes In Jungle Eviction

29/02/2016: Riot Police Tear Gas Jungle Refugee Camp

01/03/2016: Rooftop Protestor Threatens to Slash Wrists

02/03/2016: Rooftop Protests Continue: We Didn’t Come Here For A Fight Says Volunteer

02/03/2016: Iran Refugees Stitch Mouths Up in Protest

03/03/2016: Iranians Stitch Mouths Up In Protest 

Sunday Herald Eyewitness: The Battle For Calais

Report Digital

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