EU Referendum Fallout

Since the European Union (EU) Referendum on Thursday 23 June, it would seem the UK has slipped into meltdown. Pound sterling plummeted, stock markets crashed, racist attacks increased 400 percent and Labour MPs turned on their leader Jeremy Corbyn, calling for him to resign.

On Monday 27 June 2016, with only 24 hours notice, more than 10,000 people turned up outside parliament in a mass protest of support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Following 47 resignations, 172 Labour MPs voted “no confidence” in Corbyn, citing his failure to lead over the EU Referendum. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Corbyn called the vote undemocratic, challenged Labour MPs to stand in a leadership challenge to Corbyn and let the Labour Party members vote on the matter.

Since the start of the alleged planned coup, another 60,000 people have joined the Labour Party.

In the meantime, Prime Minister David Cameron, immediately after the 52 percent leave EU vote, said he would resign in October and Conservative Brexit champion Boris Johnson changed course, did not stand for Party Leader and has been accused of running from the ship he managed to sink.

While most media narrative and cross-party politicians call Corbyn weak and demand his resignation, it would seem Corbyn is the only politician standing firm, while all around him others flee wildly.

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