Jungle Eviction Coverage

See below for a selection of links to my Associated Press coverage of the final eviction of the makeshift refugee camp known as the Jungle. Calais France.

My third eyewitness report from the Calais refugee crisis, The Burning of the Jungle, was published by the Herald Scotland.

Herald Scotland Eyewitness: The Burning of the Jungle


22/10/2016: Demolition Concerns

22/10/2016: Police Gas Jungle Refugee Camp

22/10/2016: Clashes Erupt as Police Gas Refugees

23/10/2016: Clashes on the Eve of Eviction

23/10/2016: Unrest on the Eve of Demolition

24/10/2016: Refugees Leave Jungle Camp

24/10/2016: Panic as Calais Children Register

25/10/2016: Refugees Leave The Jungle Camp

25/10/2016: Police Push Back Child Refugees

26/10/2016: Jungle Eviction Starts

26/10/2016: Jungle Eviction Riot Police Deployed

26/10/2016: Jungle Eviction Fires

26/10/2016: Jungle Refugees Flee Inferno

26/10/2016: Jungle Camp Evacuated

26/10/2016: Jungle Inferno Aftermath

27/10/2016: Armed Police Clear Jungle Camp

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