It has been nearly two months since the horrific scenes of the Grenfell tower fire first hit our television, computer and phone screens.  What followed was a total disaster. A disaster of local and national government, of building and safety regulation, a disaster of public sector cuts that left emergency services unable to to cope. In the end it was a disaster in support for all those affected by the Grenfell fire. As I write this we now find Grenfell survivors are facing racist abuse both online and in person.

I decided to cut the video (above) from what hit the editing floor on the day of the fire and did not make it into my news packages. Then a week and a month after I returned to Grenfell to retrace my steps from that first day and to talk with people, either on camera or off.

I do not know of anyone that the Grenfell disaster has not affected, myself included. After covering the story on the first day I wrote up my experiences for the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

Just like the blackened tombstone remains of the tower looming over West London, Grenfell will be etched into my mind until my dying days.

Report Digital on Grenfell

Jess Hurd on Grenfell Aftermath

Dart Center: When Trauma Catches Up

© Jason N. Parkinson/

HD footage available from


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