London Embassy Protest Against Trump Jerusalem Recognition

Hundreds protest outside the US Embassy against president Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, London, UK. 08/12/2017.

1: SOUNDBITE: Naeem Akhtar, Twickenham (ENGLISH)

“What Donald Trump has done is clearly wrong and he’s only going to exacerbate the situation in the Middle East. It’s provocative. The American people need to wake up as well, because history will judge them as being complicit in the genocide of the people of Palestine. Might is not right. And eventually, hopefully, Justice will prevail.”

2: SOUNDBITE: Naeem Akhtar, Twickenham (ENGLISH)

“Well Israel has been given the green light, they’ve been further emboldened by the backing of the president of the United States of America. They’re the most powerful country, so Israel knows that with the Americans behind them, the veto at UN, nothing is going to go against them.

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