Noisy Protest Greets Vedanta as London Stock Exchange Delists Mining Company

Noisy protests greeted delegates as they arrive at the final AGM of Vedanta mining company, London, UK. 01/10/2018.

The controversial company was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange, following the recent killing of 13 protestors against a copper smelting plant at Thoothukudi, in the Tamil Nadu region of India.

SOUNDBITES: Miriam Rose from Foil Vedanta campaign group

“This is their fifteenth and last AGM (Annual General Meeting) because the company are de-listing from the London Stock Exchange and this is following the corporate massacre, which is being dubbed corporate massacre which they were involved with in Tamil Nadu where 13 protestors were killed at their 100th day of protest against a copper smelter.”

“After so many crimes committed by this company, as a London listed mining company which we document. Now this company has to be investigated by the London authorities like the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) The City of London, before it’s allowed to run away. Effectively what’s happening here is rather than penalising the company and holding it to account, Vedanta is running away from London for fear of scrutiny.”

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