Stop Tory Brexit Banner Drop From Westminster Bridge

Activists from campaign group Another Europe is Possible drop a Stop Tory Brexit banner from Westminster Bridge and set of red smoke flares, London, UK. 20/10/2018.

SOUNDBITES: Ana Oppenheim Activist (ENGLISH)

“The end of free movement will be the biggest expansion of border controls in decades. Of course it doesn’t mean we accept fortress Europe as it is, we want to change Europe from within, but the way you do that is not by building fortress Britain, it’s not by buying the right wing lies about migrants pushing down wages and over stretching public services.”

“Nobody voted to lose their job and we know that Brexit will mean thousands of job losses. Nobody voted for no deal which more and more seems like the option on the table. There is no majority for the Brexit the Tories are proposing. Currently the only Brexit on the table is Theresa May’s Brexit which nobody supports.”

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