Extinction Rebellion Protestors Block Road Over Proposed Silverlink Tunnel

Extinction Rebellion climate change protestors block a key roundabout in North Greenwich in protest of the newly proposed Silverlink road tunnel, London, UK. 09/08/2019.

Extinction Rebellion activist and doctor Minnie Mouse (pseudonym) said air quality in Greenwich and in Newham was poor, with residents suffering high levels of respiratory illness and increased traffic from the tunnel would make that worse. She added mayor Sadiq Khan should stick to his slogan, let London breathe and stop building the tunnel.

Caught up in the disruption was Lisa Gorski from Blackheath. She explained she was returning from hospital after her son had suffered an asthma attack  and said the air quality was a big concern for local residents.

Carla Roper from Dartford said she was only concerned with getting to work on time ands wished the protestors would not block roads.

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