March for the Alternative

Saturday 26 March saw 500,000 people march through London to oppose the coalition government cuts, one of the largest public oppositions this country has seen since 13 February 2003 when people marched against the impending war on Iraq.

Since that day many news outlets have focused on the damage done by the “violent minority” in the protest and news reports coming out began looking increasingly less like news and more like investigation and intimidation tools of the state.

This has led the NUJ to issue a statement urging the BBC not to give up their footage of the day, as requested by the Metropolitan Police Force. The London Photographers’ Branch (LPB) committee also passed a motion and published an article condemning media outlets acting as intelligence gathers for the police and reiterated the role of journalists – to document for public record. This motion will go forward to the LPB members in the April meeting.

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