Balcombe Says Frack Off

Guardian Video: Meet The Balcombe Protestors

Since 25 July the West Sussex village of Balcombe has become the frontline in the campaign against Hydralic Fracturing, or Fracking, the highly controversial gas and oil extraction process.

More than 30 people have been arrested in the two weeks since US company Cuadrilla began work at the site.

Report Digital has a large selection of video rushes now at the online video library, covering the Balcombe resistance and Frack Off protests from earlier in the year.

Guardian Video: Meet The Balcombe Protestors

Jess Hurd Balcombe Photo Gallery

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Government Gives Fracking Green Light




Today saw the government give the green light to Fracking in the UK following last year’s two earth tremors in Lancashire that were blamed on the initial gas extraction tests. The film Gasland documented how drinking water was contaminated and various damaging health effects, including cancer, were emerging across the US due to Fracking.

During protests in December a Fracking rig was raised outside parliament and chief Fracking advocator, Lord Browne, got an early morning wake up call.

Footage is available from the online library at

Fracking Rig Erected Outside Chelsea Lord’s Home

Fracking Rig Erected Outside Parliament

Envrionmental Protestors March on Parliament


Jess Hurd Fracking Photos


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