Photographer Not A Terrorist: No to S76



Monday 16 February 2009: Hundreds of photographers and journalists gathered outside New Scotland Yard in London in a media event to draw attention to the introduction of the new 2008 Counter Terrorism Act, specifically Section 76 that makes it a criminal offence to release information on armed service personnel and the police.Concerns by journalists and amateur photographers are the use of existing terror laws, such as Section 44 stop-and-search, have been used to curb public photography and with the introduction of Section 76 things will only get worse, leading to further restrictions on the press covering political protest and public order incidents.So far the Home Office has given no assurances that this law will not be used against journalists.

The new law comes as public order Supt David Hartshorn declared 2009 to be the “summer of rage” and ex-MI5 head Stella Rimington calling the UK a “police state”.


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