>The Boil on Busson’s Butt

Brent Council will enter Willesden County Court on Tuesday 15 July 2008, to apply for an eviction order on the Tent City Occupation, who are currently squatting the Wembley Park Sports Ground, land promised to the latest privatised Academy school.

Wembley Tent City Occupation

Protesting teachers and residents opposing construction of the Wembley Park Academy on Bridge Road in North West London re-squatted the land two weeks ago in a last ditch attempt to halt child charity Ark’s plans to secure an advanced “temporary” planning application, which was approved by Brent council heads last month.

Up Go The Tents

The 2008 Tent City Occupation, follows a six-month occupation last year, which ended in the teachers scaling trees to avoid eviction.

Teachers Take A Breather

The Wembley Academy is one of the 12 private investment schools to be set up by charity Ark, founded by French/Swiss financier Arki Busson. Six of those schools are planned to open on the beginning of the 2008 term, including the Wembley Academy.

Brent NUT & ATL Secretary Hank (Tent City) Roberts

The only problem is there is no school there. It has not been built yet. Construction begins this summer and will continue until September 2010. In the meantime 200 pupils will be educated in the middle of a construction site, as the school is built around them, and private investor Ark will begin receiving taxpayer’s money to fund the project, and thus start down the road to profiting from education.

Last week the Anti-Academy Action Group made a call out to others to join them and make the last stand at Wembley Sports Ground the largest opposition to the privatisation of UK schooling, promising to use non-violent direct action to halt the Academy school if necessary.

Anti-Academy campaigners have asked for people to protest the Willesden County Court on Tuesday 15 July at 10.30am and have asked people to join them for drinks this Friday night for a “Back on Site or pre-eviction party – you decide!”, starting at 3.30pm till late.

You Tube videos.

Wembley Teachers Say No To Academy Privatisation Pt1

Wembley Teachers Say No To Academy Privatisation Pt2

Wembley Teachers Say No To Academy Privatisation Pt3

Wembley Teachers Say No To Academy Privatisation Pt4

Wembley Teachers Say No To Private Academy School Pt 5

Reel News has given near constant coverage to the Wembley Academy Campaign and the slow privatisation of the UK education system, which culminated in the 22-minute film Save Our Schools! on issue 13.

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