>New Campaigners Re-Occupy Wembley Sports Ground

Early this morning a group of young activists re-occupied the Wembley Park Sports Ground, in protest of the community amenities being seized and privatised in the Ark Academy takeover of the grounds.

Having been inspired by the previous two-year campaign by Tent City Occupation, which ended last week, the protestors took matters into their own hands, squatted the land and stand up to the local council and private investors and try to save the sports ground for the local community.

Ark is expected to have the temporary lease finalised in the next few days and work on the site to build temporary accommodation, or refurbish the rundown sports hall – both of which will be paid for by the taxpayer – for the first 60 pupils could start as early as Wednesday.

Local opposition to the plans has been huge, with residents complaining the council has lied and misled them on numerous occasions, holding public consultations during work and school hours and then claiming the public have had their chance to air their concerns.

All videos of the two-year previous campaign can be found here on YouTube: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.

Stills taken Hi-Res Today 27/07/08.

Reel News has given near constant coverage to the Wembley Academy Campaign and the slow privatisation of the UK education system.

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